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How To Find The Best Home Security System In Houston

March 26, 2021
Vivint home security in Houston

You have a plethora of alternatives when you look for a home security system in Houston. You can choose the DIY path and put up whatever cameras and sensors you purchased on the web. You could rely on a traditional company that insists on wiring all your tech together, no matter your home's aesthetic. Or you could choose a company that uses state-of-the-art wireless elements that connect into 24/7 security monitoring services.

The final call is yours to make, but know what you should look for when you need the best home security system in Houston.

The best security system in Houston leverages the latest components

Security equipment has evolved over the last decade. No longer do you need cumbersome, mechanical cameras located in unwieldy places. Also absent are those blurry, monochrome camera shots in which everyone is a hazy blob. And never again will you need to hurry to your keypad so you can madly mash in your security number combination on a hard-to-read number pad within 30 seconds of opening the door.

Today's best security systems in Houston use easy-to-use peripherals that blend into your decor. Wireless components allow you to set a 1080p camera or glass break alarm anywhere you want protected. Devices will sync together and be rugged enough to withstand the bumps and bruises of daily use.

The best home security system in Houston pairs all your devices together

The best security systems in Houston keep you secure and your home more efficient via home automation. From motion detectors to smart lights, every piece of your network works through your Smart Hub and your smartphone.

But the true power of having your home security, cameras, and home automation sync together is the ability to play off one another. When it's time to turn in, you can simply press a button (or tell Alexa "Good night" and your systems arm, your lights flip off, your doors bolt, and the thermostat adjusts. Or if your monitored fire alarms detect smoke, your smart thermostat can turn on the vent fan while all the smart bulbs turn on and doors unlock. Your smart home makes it faster for you and your family to evacuate while they notify trained responders.

Vivint Home Security Control Center

The best home security system in Houston is easy to use

You shouldn't be required to find your security system's instruction manual should there be an emergency. Instead, your integrated touchscreen Smart Hub ought to have intuitive controls with clear buttons and intuitive controls. The same control scheme should natively travel to your smartphone app, so you don't have to teach yourself a brand new system for your phone.

It should only take you a couple button pushes to watch live feeds or video clips. Devices can sync together without an arduous pairing process. Adding an additional devices should be as simple as the primary setup. And if something is a little too much, the best home security system has a Smart Hub section for tutorials and a way to talk to customer service.

The best home security system in Houston has round-the-clock monitoring services

Should your alarms trigger from a intrusion, but nobody's in the house to hear it, would the police ever show up? That's the question you ought to ask yourself when you're looking for the best security system in Houston.

Security monitoring services keep a watch over your security system and will react to several types of situations. Should your monitoring services discover a fire, intrusion, or another problem, your security professionals immediately alerts you and the proper emergency responders. This frees you to concentrate on getting your family to a safe place while help is on the way. And while you're gone, your monitoring agents will respond to every single activated alarm and sensor when you can't.

The best home security system in Houston has stellar customer support

Some home security companies roll out the red carpet when you’re trying to purchase a home security system, but leave you on the phone with the the Jeopardy! theme song should you are trying to solve a question. However, you should expect a fast response from a security specialist when scheduling an installation, getting help on a problem, or ordering new devices. And the best security system in Houston gives you a direct line to customer support on your Smart Hub and via their phone app.

The best home security system in Houston is made by Vivint

To custom build the best security system around your family’s needs, the answer is Vivint. The intuitive devices, expert monitoring, and stellar customer service make your house a streamlined smart home. Just call (713) 597-3506 or fill out the form below to begin.